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Do I need a wedding cake? (And a host of other cake-y questions)



Look at these cakes.

They’re spectacular and they’re created by Nikki Lee and her team at Unbirthday Bakery. Obviously they know what they’re doing, so we decided to ask them all the questions we’ve ever had about wedding cakes – from choosing flavours to their relevance at today’s weddings.

Read on for their insights.



How many hours does it take to make one of your cakes, from start to finish? 

Our cakes take an average of two man hours per tier (not including baking time). A three-tier Wedding Cake will take approximately six hours of human time to create.

What’s your advice to people trying to choose a cake? 

Always choose the cake flavour and styling YOU want. Too many people concern themselves with being worried about what their guests will like, however, all a guest will know is what is front of them. If you pick a salted caramel wedding cake, your guests won’t wish you had a chocolate cake! It’s really important to choose what you want.

Do you think the cake cutting is still an important part of a wedding?

Yes I do! Its one of the first things that a bride and groom do as husband and wife together.

How much does an average wedding cake cost? 

Our cakes are priced at $500 – $750 for our wedding cake flavours and styles. A lot of our couples also order our birthday cake range as their wedding cake as it works out to be more cost effective. I have had feedback that our cakes are very well and reasonably priced compared to other cake makers in the market. We don’t want our prices to be inflated or ridiculously expensive. Weddings cost a lot of money as it is, and we would rather excess cake money spent on something like the couples honeymoon, or a deposit to their new home. Things that last beyond the day of the wedding.

Why should people pay hundreds of dollars for something they’re just going to eat?

I think I answered this question in the above. As a business, we need to cover all of our running costs, our time and our labour and our creativity need to be covered, plus the business needs to make a reasonable profit on top. The cost of the wedding cake covers this.

How do you feel about the rise of the dessert bar that offers up lots of different sweet options, vs. the traditional wedding cake?

It’s an awesome idea and a lot of couples opt for this. I do think it’s important to have something that the couple can cut together, but it doesn’t have to be a massive wedding cake.

What are some of the less traditional flavoured cakes that you create? 

Hummingbird cake is surprisingly popular (mix of banana and pineapple), salted caramel and rosewater are favourites.

How long before a wedding should a cake be made?

The cake itself can be baked up to five days before it gets iced and stored in the fridge. Never ice a cake that’s been baked that day, as the cake crumb hasn’t had time to set, and you’ll end up with a collapsed cake. We style our cakes during the morning of the wedding so the decorations remain as fresh as possible.

What should you do with any leftover cake you have after your wedding? How long will it last? 

Give small boxes to your guests so they can take their cake home with them! Our cakes last in the freezer for up to one month, and taste just as amazing as the day we made them.

What are the origins of the wedding cake? 

Check out this Wikipedia link – it’s very interesting.

What are the benefits of getting a professional baker to make your cake vs. a friend who’s handy in the kitchen? 

Getting a professional means you don’t have to worry about the cake at all during the lead up to the wedding and especially on the day! Because it’s such a delicate and fragile product, a lot of people are nervous about baking, transporting and handling the cake at the venue. Give yourself as little to worry about on the day of your wedding!


If, like us, you’re smitten with Unbirthday Bakery’s designs, you can order a gorgeous slab of yum for your big day via their website And if want to see a truly beautiful Instagram feed, they’re at



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17th November, 2015

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