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VENUE FEATURE: Rupert on Rupert

It’s hard to compare Rupert on Rupert – a unique wedding venue in the heart of Melbourne that unashamedly stands in a league of its own. Characterised by its abundant greenery and industrial fittings, it’s vibrant and cool minus any wankiness.

Here, we chat to the people behind this popular space and find out why they’ve entered into the world of weddings.

What makes your Rupert on Rupert unique?

We love what we do, and we love celebrating love in style!

Sum up the vibe of your venue in 10 words.

Welcoming, beautiful, evergreen, relaxed, full of heart, generous of spirit.

What’s the history of the property?

A classic old industrial warehouse converted into a temple of beauty.

What inspired you to get involved with weddings?

Much to our surprise and delight, weddings got involved with us! The unique design and sheer beauty of the space have made Rupert a natural honey pot for couples looking for an all inclusive site to celebrate their ceremony and reception. With two passionate couples heading the management team at Rupert, weddings are treated with the excitement, respect and attention to detail they deserve.

How much flexibility do couples have to create their own unique day at your place?

Oodles. We like to say yes wherever and whenever we can. We are very proud of the visual aesthetic at Rupert, so any styling additions do need to be in keeping with the standard we appreciate, or enhance what we already offer.

Tell us about the facilities your venue offers.

Rupert is an all inclusive restaurant and cocktail bar with an exquisite indoor Conservatory that makes for the perfect wedding aisle. So unless you have a styling vision that requires something particularly left-of-centre, or personally meaningful to you, we probably have what you need. If we don’t, our exceptionally enthusiastic Function’s Manager will help you find it…

What do you think is the selling point for most couples?

Our beauty. Our flexibility. Our sincerity. Our incredible chef. Our ludicrously charming Maitre D’.

Do you offer onsite accommodation? Alternatively are there places to stay nearby?

We don’t, but we are five minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, so there are bountiful accommodation options.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve seen a couple do at your venue?

One of our couples enacted their love story in the most hilarious first dance I have ever had the honour of witnessing. It helped that they were both stand up comedians… the staff all had the giggles.

How far in advance do couples generally have to book?

At least a year in advance makes life simpler for everyone, as we are getting busier and busier with weddings, but don’t let that deter you if you are one of those fly-by-the night-passionately-impulsive couples, as we are also very open to pulling a miracle together. If we can find a mutually appealing date in the immediate future, we’ll fast track the process as much as possible, so long as this doesn’t compromise on the quality of your experience on the day.

Do you work alongside many local vendors?

Yes, we have a tried and true, dearly loved list of quality local vendors to recommend, including celebrants, photographers, florists, celebrants, musicians and DJs.

Describe the kind of couples your venue attracts.

Our couples are more often than not down-to-earth, creative, relaxed, ardent foodies; couples that appreciate the finer things in life and know how to celebrate life passionately!

Any new additions on the horizon?

Our sexy new cocktail lounge is a work in progress, and will continue to reveal it’s lush magnificence as time goes by (translation: when we can steal enough time between our weddings to finally realise the vision/sweep up the mess).

For more info or to make an enquiry with Rupert on Rupert, head to their WedShed profile here.

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7th September, 2017

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