Willow Sage Events

Sydney, NSW - Australia

About This Vendor

Whether you’re searching for some props for the final touches, or looking for someone to completely style your wedding for you, you’re in the right place and we’d love to help you turn your vision and unique story into the perfect day.

Willow Sage Events is run by experienced stylist Kat Haigh.

Kat and her hand-selected team are all about those little details.

You know.. the details that no one even thinks about..

The details and options you didn’t even know you had.

Details like selecting the right candles, (Yes, there are other candles out there than white tealights or pillar candles!)

Details like finding the right napkin fold that works with the table styling.

Details like making sure the ladies bathroom is inviting, with matching florals and scented candles (and maybe even a refreshment box to make your guests feel special).

Details like ensuring ceremony guests are hydrated, warm and dry.. and ensuring they have ways to entertain themselves if they’re expected to wait around while you’re off taking photos.

We could go on… but it’s these little details that can totally transform your wedding day and the experience of you and your guests.

It’s these little details and final touches you know that you don’t have to worry about when you are working with us.

And.. to keep things simple and easy… our styling packages are all-inclusive… so you don’t have to guess the total cost of your styling.

You don’t have to worry about figuring out how many candles or what type of confetti to buy.

Once you’re working with us, all you have to do is give us a starting point. Show us your inspiration. And let us work our magic.


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  • Favourite place in the world? That's a toss up between Lake Como (Italy) and Lake Louise / Mount Panorama (Canada)
  • Tip-off on your predicted next wedding trend? We've gone so neutral and muted with the Boho trend.. I'd love to see more colour and vibrance come back! (Not that I don't love boho!)
  • Fav thing about your job? Surprising our couples with unexpected final touches that take a wedding from 'styled' to unforgettable.
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