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About This Vendor

My name is Evan Wang,

Why I decided to be a wedding photographer?

Because my dad gave me a film camera when I was 15 years old, then he asked me to photograph whatever I see or like during my daily life. Anyway long story short, this was the reason what got me into photography.

Most people often asked me why weddings?

Why not go and be a event photographer, family photographer, or sports photographer or even a war photographer. Well, I said to my self, photography is all about documenting life right? its all about the idea of photojournalism. Capturing the best moment of the day was my only goal.

I know there is heaps of wedding photographer out there, and not just heaps photographer but also tones of good wedding photographers. I reckon choosing your wedding photographer is the hardest thing when you are preparing for your wedding day.

Therefore my questions for you is:

If you were wondering why is Evan? why he is different than others or why should I hire Evan to be my wedding photographer. If that’s the question you are looking for? well here is why:

My goal is to make your wedding memorable, I want you to remember the emotions that made up your wedding day, those warm hugs, smiles, amazing dance moves and the beautiful tears.

Please share some of your time for me and go to my wedding portfolio pages, I honestly think one of my images will somehow connect with you. If thats the case please email me and lets connect together.


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