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Undisposable are the polaroid people. That’s what we do and it’s all we do. Polaroids from cameras, polaroids from photo booths and then sometimes we even do polaroids from mobile phones. Servicing weddings Australia wide.

We have a high speed polaroid printer unlike any other and print 100s of beautiful and fun polaroids at events. We take the photos from our Roaming Digital Guest Cameras, Casual Polaroid Photo Booth or from our brand new Web Link Uploads. We are a new take on disposable cameras and polaroid cameras, hence the name Un-disposable. Our service produces beautiful polaroids for the guests to take home, and a second copy for the couple to store in an album or display. The digital copies are stored too, so guests and the hosts can reprint photos later, share online or send to family and friends. Guests can’t take the only copy like a polaroid and can’t use up all the film with useless images like a disposable. There is more to a wedding than the need to pull faces or pose nicely, and while we capture those too, we also get loads of shots that professional photographers can’t.

Roaming Digital Cameras

We instantly print branded polaroids from our Roaming Guest Cameras. Our digital cameras roam around the event in the hands of your guests with two prints of each photo. Think one camera per table or 10 floating around a cocktail event.

Casual Polaroid Photo Booth

We instantly print branded polaroids from our Casual Polaroid Photobooth. Beauty lighting and a digital kiosk make this a modern take on a retro service. Boomerangs, SMS downloads and attendant included.

Web Link Printing

We instantly print branded polaroids from your guests’ mobile phones. No Instagram required! Our staff or your guests take posed and candid shots throughout the event for an album, take home and display. A dedicated web link, two prints of each photo, attendant and custom border included.

We focus above all else on making sure everything is easy for you. We do the travel, setup, explanation, operation, photo management, camera management, printing and pack-down without needing you to even take a moment out of your event. Our service includes everything you’ll need to have polaroid photo printing on the day, but we’ve got a few options for those that want to add some really personal touches.

Included with every hire:
– Friendly attendant for hire period
– Print Station for hire period
– Polaroid size prints
– Custom Polaroid border
– Two prints of each photo
– Scrapbook style album (optional)
– Online gallery for guests (Password Protected) for 2 years
– Bulk Download Link for 2 years
– 50km travel from nearest HQ

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