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A TipiKata tipi creates a beautiful and natural setting that exudes a warm and magical atmosphere for your wedding. With their soft, circular shape, the warm glow of light filtering through the canvas and a fire crackling in the tipi, you and your guests will be captivated.

Outstanding and eye-catching on their own, if it’s a small intimate wedding or a large all-in wedding, our tipis are just right. With five wonderful years behind us, we know how to make a wedding that embraces your creativity and individuality.


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  • Three words that describe you? Organised, chatty, fun.
  • Best wedding-related tip? Dont get bogged down on the small things. To start with get major things booked, then organise smaller things.
  • Favourite place in the world? A beach anywhere with warm sea.
  • Tip-off on your predicted next wedding trend? Oh I wish I knew!!!!
  • #1 dance-floor song request Im a believer.
  • Fav thing about your job? Talking to clients and getting into the countryside.
  • Last meal on earth? Cheese, lots of cheese!
  • Three things you'd take to a deserted island? The internet, a box of matches, wine!
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