Moonstruck Micro-Weddings

Sydney, NSW - Australia

About This Vendor

Moonstruck Weddings are registry style weddings reimagined.
Dreamt up by a team of experienced wedding addicts – Kat from Petal and Fern, Victoria from All We Need Is Love and Anna from Anna Turner Weddings – getting married with Moonstruck is an opportunity to experience the best of the best that the Sydney wedding scene has to offer at a fraction of the cost.
Too long have we watched our couples crumple under the stress and expectations around wedding planning, not to mention the budget blowouts. It’s time to bring back the good vibes and save you all some cash!

We book dates in advance at a venue, coordinate the suppliers (which include ourselves) and make it look all sexy and amazing.
You invite up to 20 of your fave people to one of our exclusive dates, pick your outfits and show up! Easy peasy.

A package with us includes all of the following (and a whole bunch of little extras):
– modern, accessible venues
– incredible floral installs
– exceptional, candid photography
– a personal and inclusive (and legally binding) ceremony
– cocktails on arrival and champers post nups
– a live musician to serenade you down the aisle and keep the good vibes going
– local tasty treats
– a guaranteed amazing time for an exclusive two hours per couple.

You can then take yourselves off for a bloody good meal at a local favourite, we have all the good recommendations!

We also focus on making it all as eco-friendly and ethical as possible. Our events are carbon-offset through Greenfleet, we give back every time someone books us through B1G1, we source locally grown flowers and donate them post event and work with vendors that embody our mission as much as possible. Having a wedding ceremony that looks and feels amazing doesn’t have to come with a massive carbon footprint, we know this is important to so many of you. It’s important to us too!

Getting married with Moonstruck is all of the love with none of the stress. We just can’t wait to get you married!
A tonne more info is on our website, otherwise shoot us an email – we’re in love with this biz and can’t wait to tell you about all the incredible inclusions.


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  • Best wedding-related tip? Don't sweat the small stuff! Weddings are meant to be a rare and wonderful moment of recognition - recognition of the fact that you and your beloved are transitioning from partners to family. You don't have to prove anything to anyone, just do what makes your heart sing. We know this is vague and a bit wishy washy, but it's the cold hard truth. And unfortunately it's a lesson best learnt through experience, but that's why we are here. We've had the experience, it's time for us to take care of you.
  • Fav thing about your job? Getting to create wild, gorgeous and ethical events for people! Like, we love literally all of what we do. Other than BAS statements, those can get in the bin.
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