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‘It’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. you can actually see old lobster couples, walking around their tank, you know, holding claws.’

Ok, so if you know where this quote is from then we are meant to be!

I’m Michelle, but since we’re going to be besties, you can call me Mich. I’m a wedding celebrant from Melbourne and I think that love is delightful. I love to laugh, use exclamations points wayyyy too much and love earrings. I’ve watched way to many TV shows and movies and have a lot of useless pop culture facts and references floating around in my head!!!

I became a celebrant to take the yawn out of snooze-fest ceremonies, the ‘when can we head to the bar?’ out of boring weddings. In fact, I’m here to challenge you to make your own traditions that you and your loved ones will remember forever. Creating moments that celebrate you!

I pride myself on creating fun, real and genuine ceremonies. I’ll promise to guide you through the whole process, make you laugh and get you pumped up for your day! Besides the legal components that are required, I aim to create a ceremony that is all about your lobster-ship.. Whether it is a simple, straightforward setting or a BIG FAT ceremony that involves your guests too, then I’m here for it!

I get that it can be a little bit uncomfortable telling a total random about the things that mean so much to you both like details about how you met, all about each other’s ‘endearing’ quirks; that at the start of your relationship were cute, but now you just have to walk away and scream into a pillow. 😝 I promise you there will be no judgement or awkwardness. In fact, I will embrace these eccentricities that are unique to you both and make you fall in love with them all over again!

Hit me back, just to chat!

Sincerely yours, your biggest fan…

Mich xo


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  • Fav thing about your job? Getting to know my loved up couples and finding out all the good things (and annoying things) that they love about each other!
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