Katie Harmsworth

Melbourne, VIC - Australia

About This Vendor

So what do you need to know about me? I can tell you that photography is in my blood. My grandfather became a photographer after he returned from the war and as a young girl, my mother worked in his darkroom. She went on to become a beautiful painter and taught me from a very early age all about composition and light.

Always talking about the light.

Wherever we travelled to as kids, she would always say, “isn’t the light so lovely over there?” and over time, I saw what she saw. The way light falls, the softness, the shadows. I saw how she liked to position things together to make up a story.

So from the very beginning, it’s almost like I had no choice on which path I would take. And it’s no coincidence that my brother ended up being a filmmaker. We saw the good light that mum kept telling us about and then we started turning them into stories.

So for the past 10 years, I have adored travelling all over the world, telling stories about love and family, connection and romance.

Honest. Still. Romantic.


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