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Hey folks!

I’m all about you: your truth, your story, your time, your day, every moment, all the real things, caught in time, through my eyes. I’m all about your truth.

And yeah, I want the truth I capture to be damn pretty, but I’m not for selling you a fantasy in my images. I’m looking for the beauty in every moment, big or small.

Before we go on further, I’m going to bounce an idea/question off you. Headin’ for some clarity. So, here it is:

Excluding the main deal, getting hitched, what’s been the most prominent desire/ideal/obsession around your wedding day? Is it achieving styling perfection, bringing your special people together to celebrate this love of yours, throwing a massive party, is it fashion, is it family, is it for you or for everyone else? What is it?

Got some kind of answer? Hold it in mind when you read on. Does what I say gel with it?

‘Cause I’m going to be collecting memories for you. That’s right. My pics aren’t only for the here and now. They’re for when the years roll on too. I want you to look at them, somewhere down the track, and have them revive and recolour the past, honestly: to let you nurture those fragments of time again.

And, it’s a bloody big thing to share this moment of your life. To be there as a witness, a collaborator, a custodian. I know it and respect it. It’s a powerful experience for me too. That’s why I want to be there with you.

And what I do, my work, has huge meaning to me. I care for every image that I deliver. My pics will hold your story but they’re also a record of my life too. My work. And I CARE about that. Working with me means I’m going to offer that care to you: to find the moments and keep them precious in image, to give this time of your life the respect it deserves, to follow your story, and to always give a stuff about what the real purpose of your day is.

So you can give the best kind of memories back to the future you.


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