Endless Summer FIlms

Gold Coast, QLD - Australia

About This Vendor

Hi, I am Yulia,

videographer, photographer, editor, organizer, email replier, mother of two.

I have been in the photographic industry for over 5 years, until I found a real passion for video, there is just so much more you can tell with a film.

I love to observe and take it all in on a wedding day, then start editing and let all my creativity flow to bring that observation live in a form of a film.

Editing is a big part of my creative process,

on the day of a wedding, I capture all moments, big and small, and the moments in between, the ones that most of the people don’t even realise they are there. Those are the moments that usually make the final cut. Those are the moments that show the true beauty that was hidden beneath the surface.

I like to combine perfectly smooth shots with handheld shaky footage, that will bring you honest, realistic but at the same time dreamy film from the modern viewpoint.

My style is very relaxed and authentic, I love to capture true emotions, while observing I always find beauty in everything, including the imperfect and ordinary.

The only way to a perfect wedding film is simply letting yourself be you.


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