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VENDOR FEATURE: Twig and Fawn Photography

Kate of Twig and Fawn is a fine art wedding photographer based in Brisbane who has built a reputation around her ability to capture the dreamiest light and the most fleeting, love-filled moments. Here we pick her brains about her art (and how it differs from conventional photography), as well as her next predicted wedding trends.

Tell us a bit about what you do…

I am a fine art hybrid photographer based out of Brisbane, Australia. My work is a creative adventure; a true partnership of trust, realness and insight. That is probably one of the greatest gifts I receive from the work I do – meeting like-minded souls with an appreciation for authentic storytelling through beautiful images.

What is the main advantage for couples who work with you?

The wonder of fine art photography is in the detail – the light, the textures, the gestures, the colours, a glance, a flicker, the curve of a beautiful dress, a wisp of hair in the wind. I wouldn’t want to miss all that for the sake of remaining conventional. I am blessed to work with an array of clients who trust me to craft their stories.

Can you share some of the things that go on behind the scenes?

Lots of laughter, lots of playing and lots of running! I’m also a mum and a wife to a husband who flies all over the world to work. We are often in Africa one week, then off to Boston the next. It is busy!

QLD fine art wedding photographer
QLD fine art wedding photographer
QLD fine art wedding photographer
QLD fine art wedding photographer
QLD fine art wedding photographer

Do you think there are any preconceptions about the wedding industry?

I think that the wedding industry is viewed as overpriced. I can only speak for myself, but I work really, really hard for every single dollar I earn to provide timeless pieces of art for my couples.

What are some of the main questions couples ask you? And what are the answers?

The main question I get asked is “Would you like a glass of champagne now?” – to which the answer is always a definite yes!

Can you describe what sets your business apart?

My style is described as dreamy, romantic and whimsical. We use a combination of film and digital media to achieve our unique look. I use luminous, natural light sources and neutral, complementary tones to capture candid moments – that’s where the magic happens.

What’s your next predicted wedding trend?

Small weddings. I am seeing more of a trend towards small intimate weddings over the larger ones. I’ve been asked more and more to travel to remote locations, with big ideas and a smaller number of people attending.

QLD wedding photographer
QLD wedding photographer
QLD wedding photographer
QLD wedding photographer
QLD wedding photographer

Check out Twig and Fawn’s work via her WedShed profile or enjoy her beautiful Instagram – @twigandfawnphotography

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30th August, 2018

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