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VENDOR FEATURE: Betty May Vintage Hire

When a top Melbourne wedding vendor says to “close Pinterest, do what you want and have fun”, it’s fair to assume they’re not out to sell you unnecessary stuff. Erin of Betty May Vintage Hire has built a well-respected business that is transparent, reliable and good for the environment. In her words, using second-hand items is “a glorious ‘up yours’ to the disposable age”. We like where this lady’s head is at.

What Betty May Vintage does best is bring together a collection of genuine vintage wares to hire for your wedding. But wait. Isn’t the vintage trend dead? We’ll let you decide.

Read our full interview with her below, then follow this link to enquire about having her involved in your day of good times.

Hey Erin. Can you tell us a bit about what you do?

Our curated collection of bonafide vintage tableware, drinkware, high tea ware and picnic ware is all about giving Victorian weddings an extra dose of meaning. Because we’re proud lovers of the old and believe that beautiful old things shouldn’t be hidden away. They deserve to be put on the table surrounded by gorgeous things, used by real people, celebrating life’s most favourite moments.

What is the main advantage for couples who work with you?

It’s no secret that we love old things. But we want more people to value the old. Old is a glorious ‘up yours’ to the disposable age. We already have enough in this world, so by hiring and re-using, you’re not only respecting the heritage of the past, but you’re also being mindful of our future. Plus, we’re super down-to-earth humans who love to drink tea, eat cake and cheers gin!

Can you share some of the things that go on behind the scenes?

– Weekly sourcing adventures to our favourite haunts.
– Washing, drying, packing, repeat.
– Matching dinner and side plates with antique glassware (we could spend hours doing this – and do!).
– Polishing antique silver and gold flatware.
– Revising delivery/collection/studio inspection schedules.
– Mum and daughter daily chats. We own the Betty May biz together and chatting every day is definitely a work perk.

Melbourne wedding stylist
Melbourne wedding stylist
Melbourne wedding stylist
Melbourne wedding stylist
Melbourne wedding stylist
Melbourne wedding stylist

Do you think there are any preconceptions about the wedding industry?

Yes, for sure. That’s there’s only one way to be wed. There’s not. There are so many ways that you can get married, you just need to work out your way and have no fear.

What are some of the main questions couples ask you? And what are the answers?

Q. How many people can you cater for?
A. A wedding, picnic or high tea for 200 people, no sweat!

Q. Do you have a delivery service?
A. We sure do, because we totally get that the days leading up to a wedding can get pretty hectic.

Q. Where do you get all your pieces from?
A. All over the country, even overseas sometimes, through online marketplaces, antique stores, bazaars and second hand stores. We also receive lots of donations from lovely people who want to see their mother or grandmother’s collection used and enjoyed.

Can you describe what sets your business apart?

Our collection is 100% vintage. No fakes. No pretenders. No wannabes (ahem… Ikea glassware). Only the real deal.

What’s your next predicted wedding trend?

Simple, romantic palettes with lots of earthy tones and textures.

What would you love to see more couples do at weddings?

Champagne towers!

And finally, what the best piece of advice you can share with anyone planning their wedding?

Close Pinterest, do what you want and have fun. It’s going to be awesome!

vintage hire items VIC
vintage hire items VIC
vintage hire items VIC
vintage hire items VIC
vintage hire items VIC
vintage hire items VIC

For more info or to make an enquiry with Betty May Vintage Hire, head to their WedShed profile here.


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20th March, 2019

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