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VENDOR FEATURE: The Airstream Social

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Booked a BYO wedding venue? Thought about what you’re going to do for a bar? Well, park that thought as we’re here with one of the most stunning solutions we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Stevie, as she’s affectionately known, is a vintage 1973 Airstream that belongs to The Airstream Social – a Sydney mobile bar (that travels anywhere). The lovechild of owners Catherine and Paul, together they spend their days cruising up and down highways and styling beautiful outdoor spaces for couples and their guests to relax and enjoy a celebratory champagne or a post-wedding recovery cocktail (or whatever else tickles their fancy).

One of our fave things about these guys is that they can stock the bar for you,or you can dry-hire it – meaning you can supply all of your own booze (which is great if you’re keen to serve your fave wines and beers, or just want to save a little cash by sourcing it yourself).

Here we chat to Catherine and Paul about what sets their service apart and why Stevie inspired them to quit their day jobs for the greater good.

Tell us a bit about what you do…

Firstly, it involves a lot of polishing! We’re the proud owners of a vintage Airstream caravan bar. Unique, photogenic and globally iconic, this is no ordinary caravan bar. We found our girl in Byron Bay but to this day Airstreams are still only manufactured in the USA, making them extremely rare for Australia.

Ours was a labour of love and over a period of 12 months, we lovingly converted ours into a luxury pop-up bar that would stand out at any high-end wedding or event.

What is the main advantage for couples who work with you?

The first answer has to be “the look”. If you have a mobile caravan bar at your wedding, it creates some serious bragging rights! Airstreams have been around since the 1950s and have always been the epitome of cool. We’ll save you the history lesson right now (but jump on our website if you’re interested), but essentially you’ll see how timeless and adaptable they can be with any theme or wedding vibe. That flexibility in terms of the look that you can achieve comes through in our diverse styling options.

The second main advantage is “us!” The very reason we decided to create a mobile caravan bar was to create amazing, unforgettable experiences for our customers! We’re all about simplicity and making the journey right up to your big day easy and fun.

Can you share some of the things that go on behind the scenes?

Planning, lots of planning! That’s what we do best. Every last detail is pre-planned (including the angle of a cushion or the way we slice the lemon to include as a drink accent!). It sounds crazy but if it makes our couples day effortless and natural, we’ve done our job.

Our ability to adapt to any situation is also very important. If there’s a change in weather conditions for example, we need to have worked it out with the venue to have a Plan B.

The final (but by no means least) is creativity. There isn’t a night that goes by when we aren’t debating and discussing new ideas. That’s what differentiates us – innovation and always looking at new trends and more efficient ways to bring the best possible experience to our customers.

mobile bar Sydney
mobile bar
caravan bar

Do you think there are any preconceptions about the wedding industry?

No, not really – not anymore. I think that there is a lot of information out there available for couples to get a really good idea of what they want for their wedding day and how to go about getting it.

What are some of the main questions couples ask you? And what are the answers?

It’s usually a question about how flexible we can be and if it’s possible to tailor their requirements. The answer is always yes, yes, yes. The way we work is to start with a discussion around some of our best selling packages but then we tweak it… and tweak again… and we tweak it until it’s right for their day. No two weddings are the same and that’s the beauty of our packages, they are flexible and nothing is set in stone, including our pricing.

Can you describe what sets your business apart?

A unique look and our experience in customer service. Although we’re into precision planning, we also believe that any good business prides itself on relationships and that’s what we do really well. It’s all about mutual respect and helping our couples as much as we possibly can.

What’s your next predicted wedding trend?

We have always felt, with the growing number of “weekend” weddings where venues are booked for three days, that a recovery party is a really good idea. We first trialled our recovery party over a year ago and we’ve never looked back.

So, how does this work with our caravan bar? Well, the morning after the wedding, we have the Airstream re-stocked and ready to go. We start slowly with some chill out tunes playing, freshly squeezed juices of your choice are ready, and the aroma of freshly barista made coffee. For some, there are bloody marys and bellinis. At the same time, the DIY barbecue is fired up and the bacon and eggs are sizzling on the hot plate.

A super casual and relaxed atmosphere, it just keeps the mood and the conversation going. The perfect way to reminisce with your nearest and dearest the morning after the biggest day of your lives!

What would you love to see more couples do at weddings?

Think outside the box, ask more questions and let us know how you’d like to make your special day uniquely yours! This is your chance to add as much of your own personalities into the wedding as you possibly can. No idea is too silly, or too creative. Ninety-nine times out of 100, they are do-able!

And finally, what the best piece of advice you can share with anyone planning their wedding?

Chill and enjoy the journey.

Sydney caravan bar
Sydney caravan bar
mobile bar
NSW caravan bar
mobile bar Sydney

Check out The Airstream Social via their WedShed profile and enjoy their beautiful Instagram – @the_airstream_social.

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7th September, 2018

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