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The DIY Bridal Emergency Kit To Have On Hand

bridal emergency kit

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There’s nothing more terrifying than heading to an event and realising you’ve forgotten deodorant, or worse, tampons if it’s that time. Especially if it’s your own wedding and you’re in a white dress. So, if you’re heading down the aisle anytime soon, or just looking to be the best bridesmaid around town, then we recommend casting your eyes over this article.

These are a bunch of items that are easily forgotten but gratefully welcomed in a time of *crisis*. Have them on hand in one small bag, and pass onto your bride tribe for easy access. Then, thank us later.

Read on for our suggestions for a DIY bridal emergency kit that can relieve any minor emergencies on the day.


  • Run sheet

Regardless of having a wedding planner or a hosting a completely DIY wedding, it’s a reassuring idea to have this on hand to know what’s going down throughout the day. Even if it’s just a case of chucking it into the notes of your phone, or your bridesmaid’s.

  • Bobby pins, hair ties and hair spray

After spending so much time in hair and makeup, there’s no doubt you want to look sh*t-hot on your wedding day. Your H&MUA made you look absolutely incredible, but 10+ hours of your wedding day (especially if you’re in a breezy open space like a farm) can cause your hair to slip. Be prepared with these three essentials.

  • Makeup for touch-ups

If your makeup artist is onsite, you might be lucky enough to receive a few touch-ups after the ceremony. Otherwise, ask the makeup artist to advise you on what products she’ll be using for your wedding day (a good time to do so is after your trial), and get your hands on your own products for touch-ups. Alternatively, some makeup artists are happy to stay around for a per-hour fee, which might be handy for a pre-reception touch-up. Makeup artist Georgina McBride recommends getting some advice from your MUA on how to touch-up and what products will work best. Some basics she recommends having on hand include a compact mirror, cotton tips, lip gloss, concealer, bronzer, and light powder.

  • Water

Goes without saying, but please, stay hydrated! Especially in between all of those champagnes. It’ll help you avoid a nasty hangover in the morning, or any dizzy spells if you haven’t drunk water all day. The days goes by, you’re in hot demand and it’s easy to forget to drink water, so you could even ask a bridesmaid to remind you regularly throughout the day.

  • Deodorant and perfume

Getting married in the peak of summer or a bit of a nervy perspirer? Hello, sweat city. We’ve put a separate blog post together on this topic on how to handle the heat on your wedding day – but as a start, have deodorant and perfume on hand to ensure you’re smelling fresh as a daisy at all times.

  • Small sewing kit

Literally as pictured in this blog post, sometimes you need to make some last-minute alterations on your wedding dress – we know we did at one of our weddings. A small sewing kit including scissors, a needle and thread, and safety pins should do the trick for any last-minute blunders.

  • Panadol

Stress can cause a seriously annoying headache, and it will drive you bananas if you’re not feeling 100% on your wedding day. Have a few of these on hand just in case.

  • Bandaids

New shoes? Blisters tend to come with. If you haven’t already worn in your shoes (something we recommend you do the week of your wedding, we suggest doing so around the house in advance of the big day. Keep a handful of bandaids within arms reach in case you have any of these suckers turn up unexpectedly.

  • Booby tape

Booby tape (or double-sided tape) is essential for securing necklines, mending hems, holding bra straps in place and fixing any wardrobe malfunction. It also prevents nip slips so you can move around all night without a worry.

  • Tampons

We’re not sure if we need to say much more here really.

  • Tissues

Again, goes without saying, but there are plenty of seriously tearful and beautiful moments during your wedding, where you’ll be thankful to dab away any tears with a tissue from your emergency bridal kit.

  • Floss

You know that feeling when you get something stuck in your teeth and you spend an hour at dinner mindlessly tonguing it to try and dislodge it? Let’s avoid that, shall we? Not to mention, you don’t want any bits of green salad stuck in between those pearlers for photos.

  • A compact mirror

Helpful for the previous point, it’s also a handy thing to have to check on any makeup smudges or for lippy reapplication.

  • ID

Last but not least, if you have an early wedding curfew or are simply kicking on after the celebrations have come to an end, then don’t forget to take your ID with you, just in case you’re asked.


Photography by WedShed photographer, Alex Marks Photography.

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28th November, 2019

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