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TASTEMAKER: Fiona + Bobby Photography

Today we’re shining the spotlight on Fiona + Bobby – two wedding photographers from Sydney who love coffee, David Bowie and documenting good vibes.

Their motivation isn’t money or fame, but an insatiable desire to make the entire wedding process as fun and carefree as possible. If you’re a bit of a worry wart, one thing you can trust these guys with is your wedding.

Here we get to know how they operate and why they love love!

Tell us a bit about your business…

We are a husband and wife team and we shoot all our weddings together.  We adventure with our couples to create honest imagery of two people surrounded by their friends and family. I would say that we both absolutely love what we do because it’s more than just creating an image for the day, but rather we are creating a series of memories that are going to be passed down the generations.

What is the main advantage for couples who work with you?

We aim to help with every little thing along the wedding journey.  We don’t just turn up on the day to shoot the images and then leave… we want to create positive experiences for our couples and for them to have as much happiness associated with the journey as they do with the actual day.

We roll our sleeves up and help with much of the planning process. We sit down with each of them and talk about what is important to them on the day in terms of photographic documentation and structure a timeline that is not stressful for the couple, but also aims to capture all those key moments that they want to be remembered. Our main focus throughout the process is for our couples to eliminate as much stress from the entire process as possible.

wedding photographers
wedding photographers
wedding photographers

Can you share some of the things that go on behind the scenes?

There is a lot of planning that goes on pre-wedding. We ensure that the run sheet is planned to run as smoothly as possible, allowing for a little buffer should anything run over schedule… which it does at most weddings!  We scout out the wedding venues and the spots we have proposed for the bridal party and bridal portraits.

Each of our couples have completely different needs and so we work diligently to create that for them.  There’s also a lot of admin that goes on behind the scenes, so much more that you’d realise!  We build relationships with other vendors to ensure that we can recommend other people in the wedding industry that are very like-minded to us. A big part of any photography business however is the post-processing of the imagery, and ensuring that the final product delivered to the client tells a complete story.

Do you think there are any preconceptions about the wedding industry?

It can sometimes be perceived that people in the wedding industry have a pretty relaxed and laid back lifestyle.  Whilst I love the life that we live and the work that we create, it’s certainly not a job that is limited to just that one day of the wedding.

The wedding day is literally just the tip of the iceberg and underneath the surface there is so much more work, planning, creating and finalising that is done both pre and post wedding.  It can be exhausting, but it’s honestly worth the long hours and late nights.

The couples that we book appreciate and acknowledge the length and breadth of work and commitment we put into their wedding journey and they know it’s not just a one-day experience.

nsw wedding photographer
nsw wedding photographer
nsw wedding photographer

What are some of the main questions couples ask you? And what are the answers?

Many of our couples talk to us about how awkward they are in-front of the camera and even go so far as to saying they are not photogenic.  We strongly believe that everyone is photogenic, and that it’s all about creating that safe atmosphere for our couples to express themselves.  Each of us possess a beauty that is unique, a beauty that your significant other is insanely attracted to, and we assure our couples that we will create that safe space for that to be expressed and captured.

We are often asked as to what time during the wedding is the best time for the ceremony and reception to start.  Each wedding requirement is a little different, so we sit down with the couple to understand the various elements included on their wedding day and then we create a run of events for them.  This takes the pressure off our couples, and it’s so much easier for us to create this run sheet in light of the large variety of weddings we have captured. It’s also so much easier to make tweaks to the running order before the invite has been sent out to the guests.

Can you describe what sets your business apart…

So much about this journey is about communication.  We really work hard at creating open and honest conversations with our couples – via email, sms, phone calls and meetings.  We treat everyone we cross paths with in the same way we would love to be treated, and that’s why we strive to make our couples feel really important, because, they are.  We approach everything we do from a human level and we won’t make you feel lost in the whole process of planning your big day.  We really do love getting to know the couples that we collaborate with.  We build up a level of trust and friendship that is so important to the actual wedding day, and often extends beyond the day itself as the friendship becomes more than just about the wedding.  Whilst we both have firm business heads on our shoulders, we are also emotional beings, and genuinely adore getting to know each person that sends through an enquiry to us.

5th December, 2017


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