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TASTEMAKER: Anna Taylor Photography

melbourne creative wedding photographer

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to Anna Taylor – a Melbourne based fine art wedding photographer with a penchant for black and white photos.

We took five with this lovely lady to see what makes her tick, what she’d love to see more of at weddings and to find out why you should (seriously) consider her for your big day.

Tell us a bit about your business?

I’m in the business of creative and fine art wedding photography.

How did you get into your line of work?

I’ve always been a people person and always had a camera in my hand. As a child, I would always be writing stories and drawing the pictures to go with them. I still love to tell a story – only now I do it with photos. I love to document life as it is – true ‘real life’ moments. Wedding photography gave me a way of putting all my favourite things together.

What sets your business apart?

I process mainly in B&W – I just love it. One day I would love to shoot a whole wedding purely in B&W.

melbourne creative wedding photographer
melbourne creative wedding photographer

What do love most about your job?

I love that at each wedding, I essentially become a part of the family for the day – and sometimes even after that. My job is all about the people.

How would others describe you?

Friendly, considerate, adaptable, creative, passionate and short!! 🙂

What are two questions couples generally want to ask you?

Not so much questions – but things like – ‘I hate having my photo taken – hate having to pose’ My answer is always – that’s ok. They’re not alone – nearly every one of my couples have said this to me. It’s ok to be a bit uncomfortable, just as long as there is trust. Trust in me, that I will get the best out of them, capture their best moments (and their guests’) and the real story of their day.

So often I’ve had people say that they didn’t even notice that I was there or that their guests thought I was a family friend (best compliment ever btw!) That’s also the beauty of having an engagement/pre-wedding shoot. It means the couple get to see what it’s going to be like on the actual day and see how I work. Once we’ve done this, it normally alleviates any previous fears and concerns.

What services do you offer and how much flexibility do couples have to create their own unique day?

I offer family and wedding photography and the fact that I charge an hourly rate means that couples have full control over how much they’re spending on their photography.

Describe the kind of couples you attract?

I tend to get couples who are ‘doing it their way’. Not necessarily following tradition and focusing on what THEY want out of their day. And they tend to prefer B&W over colour too!

melbourne creative wedding photographer
melbourne creative wedding photographer

What’s your favourite predicted wedding trend?

Bride and groom getting ready together – it’s such a hectic day, I think that spending this time together in the morning and sharing each other’s excitement is such a beautiful thing.

What’s the process for couples keen to enquire or book with you?

I have a contact page – where you just flick me an email to with a few details and we go from there. Or they can just call me on my mobile – 0417212646 – it all starts with a conversation. Easy!

What’s your favourite thing you’ve seen a couple do at a wedding?

I have a couple coming up who ARE getting ready together and I can’t wait.

Any advice to newly engaged couples?

Just do it the way you want. Where you want and how you want. This may be a bit tricky leading up to the wedding, but on the actual day anyone who had any doubts will see your vision, see how happy you are and they won’t be able to help themselves but be happy too. It is your wedding after all!

Check out Anna’s work via her WedShed profile or enjoy her beautiful Instagram – @anna_t_photo.


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4th July, 2017

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