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Small, Intimate Weddings: Why We Love Them + How To Nail One

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In recent years, we’ve watched as plenty of couples go forth and get hitched in front a small audience of their very nearest and dearest. Call them what you want: small weddings, intimate weddings, micro-weddings – they’re some of the most love-filled days we lay eyes on.

Given the current world conditions we’re living through, we’re predicting a sharp rise in couples turning their big day into a small one, so to speak. Whether you’re just getting started on the wedding planning front or have had to unfortunately postpone your wedding due to coronavirus, there are plenty of reasons to consider a more petite wedding-  and perks that come with it.


Why We Love Small Intimate Weddings

  • You know that great auntie you’re not such a fan of? Or that uncle that was bound to say something inappropriate to one of your bridesmaids? Problem solved! Having a smaller wedding can help you cut out those unwanted family members, with a very good excuse to simply say you’re not invited because we had to keep numbers below ‘X’.
  • Fewer people = potentially more room to splurge and treat your guests. We’re talking two espresso martinis per person, rather than one.
  • In general, the final bill is going to end up smaller than if you had a guest list hitting three digits.
  • Worried about having all eyes on you? Keeping the guest list down should help ease nerves and make it a little less overwhelming. Walking down the aisle, speeches, and all-round good vibes feel a bit less hectic when there are fewer people tracking your every move.
  • It’s way easier to pull off a destination wedding. The smaller the guest list, the less coordination of travel and there’s every chance you’ll be able to find a venue that can sleep your entire gang.
  • You’re less likely to have to postpone your wedding due to the current virus we shall not name if restrictions lift slightly. There have been talks lately that due to Australia’s fairly promising trajectory on the virus front *touch wood*, that restrictions could possibly lift earlier than we initially thought, with some less-impacted states being tested first. If this does happen, we’d predict that smaller gathering may be reintroduced first, including intimate weddings. Of course, no promises here – and please stay up to date with the Australian Government’s advice.


How To Nail An Intimate Wedding

  • Aim for a small wedding guest list

OK, duh. But seriously, keep it tight. Think about the people who are closest to you in your life, and those are the ones that should be on your guest list. Struggling to write and cull your guest list? Take a read over this article where we go over the four easy questions to ask yourself on whether that person should be at your wedding or not. It’ll also help you navigate the tricky situation of telling people they’re not invited if it arises.

  • Push any non-essential traditions out the door

We’re hearing the term ‘non-essential’ a lot lately, and the same goes for what you do and don’t decide to have at your wedding. Take a read over this article, where we talk about whether or not wedding traditions are a thing of the past, and some alternative recommendations to keep things fresh and new.

  • Write three things down that matter to you the most, and base your wedding off that

Food? Good music? Styling? Whatever it is, sit down with your partner and jot down the three things that matter the most to the both of you. Then, compare notes and find a middle ground to base your wedding off those three things. It’ll help you stay within (or close to) your budget and ensure that you remain focused on the thing that matters the most – the love you have for each other. We’ve got a handy free downloadable that’ll help you determine what these priorities are and kickstart your wedding planning.

  • Get cosy

Keeping things intimate and cosy is a good way to make a small wedding not feel too small. We’re talking a cosy wedding venue, a fire if you’re having a autumn/winter celebration, having your ceremony with a circle of your guests surrounding you and so forth.

  • Dine family-style

Nothing brings people together than family-style food. We’re talking shared plates, comfortable table settings and good vibes.

Another epic way to ensure your guests mingle with each other in an intimate setting is by hiring a food truck – allowing people to move about and intro themselves to other guests.

  • Host a weekend where guests can stay onsite

There’s probably nothing better than watching the sun go down with your favourite people than waking up for a recovery party with everyone already onsite. If that’s your jam, take a read over this article where we show you some of Australia’s best properties where you can host a giant sleepover.

  • Personalise your wedding favours, or write handwritten cards (same goes for invitations)

Wedding favours are a fantastic way to make guests feel special, and even more so when they’re completely personalised. Having a smaller guest list means you can handwrite cards with notes about what you love about each guest, and pop in something nice like an engraved luggage tag, or a mini personalised cocktail to cheers with. See our favourite wedding favour gift ideas here.

  • Go large on your favourite food and wine

OK, probably one of the biggest benefits. Due to slashed costs by keeping numbers low, you can go hard on your favourite grub + drinks. After all, weddings are the time to drink the good Champagne. Find our favourite alcohol suppliers here, and our food and bev partners here. Looking for someone to cover dessert? We’ve got that too.


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10th April, 2020

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