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REAL WEDDING: Trent + Courtney – Coronation Hall

Trent and Courtney may have forgotten to hire furniture for their rural QLD wedding at Coronation Hall (don’t worry, a local vendor came to their rescue) but they remembered the more important things – like espresso martinis and mini-magnums for dessert… a welcome indulgence given it was a 38 degree day!

Check out their beautiful wedding captured by Tennille Fink Photography below.

Hey guys, in a nutshell, how would you describe your wedding day?

Our wedding day was a beautiful celebration with all of our nearest and dearest. It was fun, relaxed…. and HOT!

What did you expect was going to be your favourite part in the lead-up? What did it end up being?

The party after the formalities! And yep, that was pretty great. But the ceremony itself was also so wonderful. It was so special to have all of our loved ones together in the one place, and to hear the vows we’d written for each other for the first time under a beautiful old fig tree, on a lovely old property, all in the name of celebrating love.

rural QLD wedding
rural QLD wedding
rural QLD wedding
rural QLD wedding
rural QLD wedding
rural QLD wedding
rural QLD wedding

Did you write your own vows? If so, what made you do that?

Yes absolutely! I’m a journalist and I love to write, so for me it seemed only natural. As for Trent, he had no choice. Haha. But in all seriousness – his vows were beyond perfect. He wrote a first draft on a piece of paper in a notepad – and later typed up the final version. I still have the first draft, it’s in the front of my diary and I love reading his vows in his own handwriting whenever I open my diary! It’s also weird how similar our vows were… we were both definitely on the same page.

What was it about Coronation Hall that made you choose it as your wedding venue?

Trent is from a cattle station in Central Queensland – so we really wanted to have a little bit of country in our special day! The property where we were married is so gorgeous, steeped in history but also basically a blank canvas.

rustic QLD wedding

What’s your best piece of wedding-related advice?

Don’t forget to book the chairs and tables for your reception venue! We realised on our wedding eve that there’d been a miscommunication and we had no tables or chairs! That was a little stressful. A checklist of the big ticket to-do list items probably would have helped! So really the best piece of advice is probably just to try to be organised, but relaxed. It’ll all work out on the day!

Finish these sentences…

My partner is…

The very best person I know.

The best (or most unique) thing we did at our wedding was…

Get married! But from a tangible perspective… maybe having mini-magnums for our guests for after dessert. On a 38 degree day they were very much appreciated! The espresso martini cocktail hour was pretty awesome too.

We splurged on…

Food and drinks because they’re very important!!!

We saved on…

Ceremony venue hire.

best QLD wedding venues
barn wedding QLD
barn wedding QLD
26th May, 2020

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