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REAL WEDDING: Rosie + Matt – Mona Farm

When it comes to weddings, we prefer to skip the small talk and dive straight into what really goes on behind-the-scenes, so when bride Rosie volunteered to share so many truths about her and Matt’s fairytale wedding at Mona Farm – easily one of the most gorgeous rural NSW wedding venues – we immediately wanted to give her a virtual fist pump. Her insights and advice are priceless for anyone in the throes of planning their own dream wedding.

Just some of the things that made us nod and/or giggle:

  • Matt hates being the centre of attention, so he insisted that our celebrant made all our guests hold hands during the ceremony so they could feel as awkward as he did.
  • Be prepared that boys often see things differently to girls (especially when it comes to weddings).
  • Get a videographer (if you can’t afford it, it could be a good group gift idea).
  • A sense of humour when planning a wedding is very important.
  • Despite any disagreements, tears, things not going to plan… your wedding will truly be the best day ever.

Read on for more pearls of wisdom and to check out Rosie and Matt’s gorgeous celebration captured by Photos By Jessie Ann.


Congrats on getting married. First, could you tell us about how you met, any funny first date stories and a bit about the proposal?

We first met as flatmates living in the U.K which is a pretty funny story in itself. I (Rosie) had a very quick move to London (within three weeks) and needed somewhere to stay. My cousin’s Fiancée Belle, (now wife) told me about her brother (Matt) who lived in London and was looking for a new housemate. She told him about me and Matt’s response was ‘I’m nearly 30, I don’t really want to be living with a random…’ and well… here we are. Husband and wife. Nothing like keeping things close to the family… am I right!?

In a few sentences, how would you describe your wedding day?

I know it sounds so cliché, but it actually was the Best. Day. Ever. It’s hard not to be when you have your closest family and friends all in one place, people making the effort to fly in for your wedding day from all around the world.

Was there a particular vibe or theme you went for?

There was no ‘vibe’ or ‘theme’ necessarily. It was in the country, and there was no way Matt was going to wear black tie to his wedding so chinos, jacket and RM’s for the boys it was.

My nature is pretty carefree and easy going and I was lucky enough that I knew all of my vendors personally, so I just told them to do what they do best. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

As with my bridesmaid’s dresses, it was pure luck. I wanted them all to just feel comfortable and find a dress they would wear again. Once one of the bridesmaids found a dress she liked, the rest just followed suit and found a dress to match the broad colour scheme. We didn’t actually see them all together or try them all on until it was time to walk down the aisle! They all looked so pretty!

Did you write your own vows?

We didn’t necessarily write our own vows, but our celebrant gave us a huge booklet of all different ways we could create our perfect ceremony. It was such a fun experience in itself. Matt and I went out on a date night to our favourite pub and basically cherry-picked the parts we wanted, and what best suited us as a couple. I highly recommend other couples do this – it was a really fun night, a trip back down memory lane.

What’s the best piece of advice you took on when planning your wedding?

To be honest, I don’t think I really ‘took on’ anyone’s advice. I have two older sisters who had got married four weeks apart from each other in 2014, and Matt’s sister was married a few years before us, so I guess you could say we were ‘wedding ready’ when it came to planning. And, to be honest… it was the mothers who really did the planning… thanks, mums!

What’s one thing you wish you knew before you started planning?

How best to deal with my husband’s approach to planning a wedding… (boys and girls go about things VERY differently) surprise, surprise!

Now that you’re married, what’s the best piece of advice you can give other couples?

One piece of advice I was told before our wedding (from our celebrant, who is a very good friend of ours – Pip Best) was to look out to all our family friends during the ceremony. Multiple times. Because it is such a special, once in a lifetime moment and you just want to soak it all up. Best advice I was given. Those images I have of my family and friends being there, supporting us in that moment… they are ingrained in us for life!

I also think it’s also important to be honest with this question. Planning a wedding IS stressful. There will be blow ups, there will be disagreements. There will be tears. Things don’t go to plan. Not always… but I think it’s important to know that if this does happen, it is okay. But also, life does go on after the wedding day. No guest has ever complained about free booze and food at a wedding (and if they do, they are not a friend)! A sense of humour when planning a wedding is very important, AND the good always outweighs the bad.

Side note. I do really regret not getting a videographer… at the time we just thought it would stretch the budget… but now looking back I would LOVE to revisit our special day. I have thought about this a bit and it’s a great present to give a couple who are thinking the same thing (we are doing this for a friend’s wedding coming up, going in with a few other couples).

Did you scrap any wedding traditions?

We stuck with a few and left a few out. Matt’s best friend is his sister (Belle), and he wanted her to get ready with him and stand by his side on his big day, so he had a ‘groomslady’ – which I loved (she actually came and got ready with the girls for part of the day which was so special).

Matt hates being the centre of attention, so he insisted that our celebrant made all our guests hold hands during the ceremony so they could feel as awkward as he did. Matt’s not a jewellery type of guy / neither of our fathers have ever worn wedding bands. He doesn’t wear one either.

CREDITS: Photography Photos by Jessie Ann // Flowers Outside This Room // Ceremony and reception Mona Farm // Catering Pescado Catering // Stationery Snap and The Distillery // Calligrapher Written By Hand //  Brides shoes Loeffler Randall // Accessories Holly Ryan // Bridesmaid dresses Lee Matthews, Rotate and Lover //Bridesmaid gifts Anni Lu, Bimby + Roy and Etsy // Grooms suit Suit Supply // Groomsmen suits and gifts Suit Supply and R.M. Williams // Ties Otaa // Rings Robert Clerc // Hair Missy Veyret // Makeup Lilah Gow // Music James Willing // Celebrant In Light Ceremonies.


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9th August, 2020

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