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REAL WEDDING: Georgia and Shaun – Merribee House

Georgia and Shaun’s Tuscan-inspired wedding at Merribee House – a stunning seven acre, NSW south coast wedding venue – was quite the celebration. There were tequila shots, cocktails, disco balls, live music from The White Tree and a string of speeches that bride Georgia says she “could listen to each of them on repeat.”

Captured by Ws fave Lucie Weddings you can check out the entire day below. Spoiler alert: this is one of the best dressed bridal parties we’ve seen.


How long have you and Shaun been together and how did you meet?

We have been together since 2013. We met in a nightclub in Kings Cross, ha!

Can you tell us a bit about your proposal?

Shaun nailed it! We were away with 10 other friends, just winding down after a weekend spent at Coachella. We had booked this ridiculous house in Joshua Tree National Park, which was a bucket list spot of mine.

We all wanted to lay low for the night so everyone had prepared dinner and marshmallows to toast. After I jumped out of the shower, we had just started dishing up dinner and sat outside to watch the sun set over the Yuccas. Shaun had asked me to get a photo together, and being hungry and with soaking wet hair, I denied. After repeatedly asking, I buckled and followed him off to where he was leading me. As cliche as it may be, he pointed over my shoulder and insisted I turn around. After I realised there was nothing behind me, I swung back around to find him on one knee holding a ring. I was in so much shock and couldn’t stop crying. Our friend who was in on the whole arrangement took the most incredible photos of our reactions.

In a few sentences, how would you describe your wedding?

Ah, so bias but it was seriously perfect! 2020 has been stressful for a lot of brides and vendors keeping up with the restrictions but to have everything fall into place on the day makes me still get goosebumps to this day. We are so grateful all our guests were able to make it and share our day.

Was your wedding in your home town or was it a destination wedding?

It was 2.5 hours down south at a stunning venue, Merribee House! As soon as we arrived at the gardens, we instantly fell in love! We always wanted a Tuscan style evening, with festoon lighting and lots of room for dancing. Every inch of Merribee feels romantic and we couldn’t look past the manicured hedges and rose gardens.

How many guests did you have?


Were you inspired by a particular wedding style or vibe when bringing your day to life?

My Pinterest board is 90% weddings in Tuscany.

Did you write your own vows? How did you find that experience?

Yes, we both did! Of course Shaun had finished his within 15 minutes however, I didn’t finish mine till a few days prior. Each of ours were witty, personal, and bursting with happiness.

Any traditions you adopted or adapted?

Not really, we had uneven bridal parties. Mine all wore a mix of one shoulder midi, sexy slips and even an oversized suit. I loved the variety and how each of them made it their own.

The best (or most unique) thing we did at our wedding was…

Tequila shots! As everyone sat down for dinner we brought around bottles of tequila and shot glasses which really got the party started! I’ll never forget looking around the venue at everyone raising their glass all at once and knocking it back, so fun!

Did you partake in any DIY elements to your day?

Being a graphic designer, I looked after the menus, cards etc! My veil was my mothers, which was made by my Nanna, so that was super special.

What was your wedding budget? Did you stick to it? If not, how much extra did you spend?

We had a rough budget of $30k, however with the last minute add ons (more cocktails!) I think we ended up spending closer to $40k, which we were both comfortable with.

Now that you’re married, what’s the best piece of advice you can give other couples in the middle of planning their own weddings?

Work together, decide what’s non negotiable and accept that some things may not work out. We struggled to plan during COVID as there were many restriction changes but I think if you’re open to being flexible it will all come together. Don’t sweat the small stuff, the day will be pure magic, I pinky promise!

What are some of the most memorable and special moments of your wedding?

There were many! Mum helping me get dressed and us both bursting into tears. Dad walking me down the aisle to a favourite Bruce Springsteen song. Shaun’s vow – they really set me off haha! Spending the night dancing under disco balls to Jamiroquai. The speeches! I could listen to each of them on repeat.

Really every little moment made up for the most special day, we are still on a love high! I had the funnest weekend away for my hens! Filled with the standard ‘drawing class’, drag dancing, cocktails and a silent disco. We spent the morning of the wedding reminiscing and in stitches of laughter.

Do you have any standout suppliers that you would recommend in a heartbeat? Who are they and why?

Yes! So lucky to be surrounded by so many talented friends! They each sparkled in their own way with unmeasurable talent:

Florist: Flowers By Nicola
Photographer: Lucie Weddings
Celebrant: Alice Harrington Celebrant
Hair: Liam Hubbard Hair
Makeup: Joanna Luhrs

Tell us about your outfits, how did you find them? What did you love about them?

I found Prea James on Instagram. They had a stockist about an hour away which was so lucky! I tried on two dresses, and put down a deposit the next day. Sometimes you just know!

What are you most looking forward to now that you’re married?

Our honeymoon! Once COVID is over – if ever – we’re setting off to spend a month or so in Spain, Mallorca. Dreamy.

30th March, 2021

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  1. Such an incredible wedding. We are the owners of The Frisky Filly mobile bar that provided all the drinks at this wedding. Would love to be also listed as supplier.

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