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Proof that winter weddings are the coolest (and not just literally)

It’s getting cold and we have made a realisation. Winter weddings are way more romantic than their warmer counterparts. Hear us out.

It’s the season of faux fur, blankets, fire pits, marshmallows, long sleeves, bridal boots, dark flowers, moody candlelit venues, mulled wine and crisp nights. There’s something unexpected about winter weddings – as though for some reason, we expect them all to happen in spring and summer. And because there’s not as many of them, everyone seems to go wild and seriously kick up their heels.

Anyway, words won’t do this topic justice. We thought we’d share a collection of winter wedspiration to show you what we’re talking about, starting with this rugged up couple, captured by Lauren Campbell.

Winter wedding = gorgeous long sleeve dresses. Bride Kirsty at The Mill Brewery, captured by Dave Le Page.

Winter weddings are the perfect opportunity to gather around an open fire (and snuggle up). Red wine optional but highly recommended. Captured by Willow & Co at Waldara.

Winter flowers don’t get nearly enough of a wrap. Some of the most beautiful blooms (think hellebores and anemones) come to life in winter. Photo by Lauren Campbell.

We love an indoor ceremony as much as an outdoor. This glamour is pretty much the perfect combo of pretty and industrial. Captured by Brown Paper Parcel.

Cooler weather means more opportunities to accessorise with a warm coat like this bride, captured by Greta Wolzack.

Even sparklers look better in winter (maybe). Captured by Josh Jay.

Snuggling in blankets is always nice, but snuggling in blankets with friends and family at a massive celebration? Need we say more. Captured by Emily Battles Photography.

australian winter wedding

THIS is why you should wed in winter. Captured by Stories by Ash.

Winter weddings give you even better excuse to gift your hubs-to-be with something brilliant like gift set from Peggy and Finn. Nothing better than some whisky and socks to keep your loved one warm.

Last but not least, you get to feel extra toasty with these adhesive body warmers (we pinched this idea from a few brides in our Facebook group and thought it was genius!).

1st June, 2015

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  1. Love it! Winter Weddings would have to be my favourite! There’s just something extra romantic about it all. Being in the Blue Mountains, you’re sure to get exactly that! With a Beautiful fire place & all. & maybe even some snow too!

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