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Tastemaker: Mitch Pohl

Mitch Pohl - NSW wedding photographer

Our tastemaker interviews give you the chance to get some insight and advice from some of Australia’s best wedding peeps.

We’ve been embarrassingly massive fans of Wollongong-based photographer Mitch Pohl‘s work for a fair while now. The man was good enough to share his thoughts on how to pick the right photographer for you, and why you should embrace rain on the big day.

How did you get into the wedding photography gig?

I’m not going to tell you photography has been my passion ever since I was little, because that would be a lie. I used to wake up not quite knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I tried so many different jobs and couldn’t find something that felt right.

In my spare time, I was making surf films. When it came time to face up and get myself a full-time job that stuck, I found myself wondering how I could turn my film making hobby into a career. I soon found myself making wedding films, and fell in love with the creativity of the wedding industry. But I discovered that my passion was in being able to capture the beauty of a special moment in just one frame, in a piece of art that can tell a thousand stories. So I started taking photos.

Being able to capture the special moments in people’s lives in images that they can treasure forever, gave me a great sense of fulfilment and joy.

My passion for photography has since grown even stronger.

What are your favourite kind of weddings, and why?

My favourite kind of wedding is one where I click with the couple from the get go. One where I know the couple has chosen me because they love my style and my approach to weddings. One where they feel confident in me to capture their special day. My favourite kind of wedding is one which tells the story of the couple. Where every guest, every decoration, every song, every choice they have made tells the story of their love and the kind of couple that they are.

What are some of the questions you’d suggest couples ask their photographer when meeting for the first time?

Just get to know them! Try not to turn it into a “job interview” and ask them every question you have ever seen or have been told is the right thing to ask. Be yourself in front of them and you will soon realise if you have a connection with them. This person is going to play a big part in your day, so it is important that you feel comfortable with them and are confident in their approach and style.

What advice would you give to couples searching for a photographer?

I think there is a perfect photographer for everyone out there. Find that photographer with the style that you love. I know budget is an important part of planning a wedding, but try not to base your choice purely on price. These photos are going to be a way that you can re-visit one of the best days of your life, you don’t want to look back and wish that you chose someone else.

Find a photographer who’s work moves you. If they can make you feel emotion with a photo of two people you don’t even know, imagine what they will make you feel with an image of you and your loved one.

What’s your take on doing wedding photos before the ceremony? Yay or nay?

YAY! I think prep photos are quite important and actually one of my favourite parts of the day to be honest. So much happens the morning of wedding. I love being able to be at the grooms place documenting what they do beforehand as well seeing the bride and bridesmaids getting amped/nervous/teary before the big moment. There are so much emotions flowing on the day of the wedding and quite often a lot of it happens on the morning of. It’s a big part of the story of the day. It’s also a great way for the bride and groom to experience the full story of the others day. Prep shots capture moments of the brides day that the groom would otherwise not get to experience and vice versa.

Is there one big tip you can share to couples for their big day – from a seasoned wedding-watcher’s point of view?

Mitch’s hot tip #1: Speak to your photographer to help set a timeline for the day. We are there for the majority of the day and we have seen a lot of weddings and the way they flow. The sun is huge factor in photos and being able to discuss perfect timings for the ceremony for light options etc is so important I think.

Of course most people are after a beautiful, sunny big day but alas it’s got to rain from time to time. How does the weather affect your job?

I say ” Sun sun go away, Come again another day”. An overcast day, provides a nice even light. Sometimes a beautiful sunny sky makes capturing your special moment a little difficult, particularly when the ceremony is in direct sunlight. A cloudy sky also creates a beautiful backdrop for your photos, it creates texture. If it rains, embrace it!

Check out Mitch’s work via his website, and if you want beautiful things come up in your social feed, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

10th March, 2015

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