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Nice words from our venues

“I can’t rave highly enough about WedShed. Outside of our own social media/website, WedShed has been the only platform we have needed. And they are seriously good value. If you are looking for brides, WedShed is where they will find you. Plus Amy and Mel will help you with all the info you need to set-up/improve the way you run your venue.

WedShed links us up with exactly the sort of couples who are looking for a venue like ours. We couldn’t have asked for a better platform to get us out to exactly the right audience. Also, whenever we get a mention on WedShed’s social media we get a spike in enquiries.

In our first year of business we have booked 52 weddings, which absolutely blows us away! I have no doubt that the majority have come to us via WedShed.

What’s more, Amy and Mel are dynamos. They are generous, switched on and energetic. And they have created a business with a great vibe that attracts fantastic people.

Has WedShed helped us grow our business? Without a doubt. As a brand new business, we simply wouldn’t have reached such a large, targeted audience without WedShed – and so quickly. Also, their social media and e-news are great ways to stay in touch with what other venues are doing, what couples expect/like, and to make sure that we keep stepping up and offering the best service we can.”

Amy Willesee, Owner of Willow Farm Berry


“I often tell other people about WedShed, I tell them that most of our bookings come through WedShed and that they should contact them.

The most beneficial thing about being on WedShed for us is the amount of emails that we get. Most of our venue emails come from WedShed.

So far, Wedshed have generated approximately five weddings, making up to about 70% of all bookings. It looks like next wedding season we will be at 50%, a big growth on last season.

Most of the couples that approach us through WedShed are looking for something really unique and have a more relaxed approach than the stereotypical wedding couple.

WedShed has helped grow our business through email traffic, traffic to our website, Instagram posts and other social media recognition.”

Caroline Thomson, Owner of Heartwood


“I would say that I receive more enquiries from WedShed than I have from any other web based advertising of recent years in comparison with the cost.

For us, the most beneficial part of being on WedShed is the quality of customer. The customers are the exact type who we attract. They are not time wasters. They know what they want for their wedding, and they will go wherever they have to.

WedShed has helped grow our business. As a wedding website, it is obviously more focussed on venues, which is one of the first and main priorities of any couple, because it sets the date, the location and the theme. I think there are customers who have found us on WedShed who may not have found us elsewhere.

It’s a great website with a great spread of properties. Where most websites have venues close to where the business is run from, I love that WedShed shows a comparison of venues from all over Australia. It makes me want to go and visit the venues just because they look amazing!

And the communication, tips and support from the WedShed girls is helpful, on trend and always entertaining.”

Karyn Fox, Owner of Adams Peak Country Estate


“Just thought I’d get in touch and let you know we are LOVING what WedShed has done for BoxGrove! We have over 20 bookings already and the property is a construction site, so that’s amazing!! We can’t wait to have the property looking 100% and the Barn up and running.

You must be stoked with how WedShed has grown and so quickly. About 60% of our enquiries are people who have seen us on WedShed, so thank you!”

Kayla Atkins, Co-owner of Boxgrove


“Just a quick note to say Thank you!

Love your posts. Love the vibe. Love the honesty about how our industry works.

Love the help you give everyone understanding what they need to think about to organise a wonderful wedding.

Since listing Audley Dancehall on your site we’ve had lots of increased traffic & inquiries & many have mentioned your site.

Thank you & keep up the good work.”

James Lancaster, Owner of Audley Dancehall


“Congratulations on your website and business. This is the best response I have had from any wedding website. Two enquiries directly already.

Plus the hits to our website puts you in our top ten already. And of those hits, 15% of visitors are filling in our enquiry form. Which is the best rate of any of the websites.

I think you have exactly our target market!”

Monica, Manager of Bulong Estate


“GALS !!!!  These newsletters are really, really great !!!  We have already sorted a lot of them but WOW where were you three years ago.  Total hats off to you for compiling this info, you really hit the nail on the head and this is gold to new venue owners xxxx”

Su-an, Owner of Old Forest School


“We love WedShed and get lots of enquiries through your site, it’s so great! Be sure to let us know when we need to renew our package.”

Ellie Winestock, Venue Manager of Waldara


“Here’s some feedback for you. I admit, I couldn’t tell you exactly how many enquiries we have received from your website BUT it has been heaps! Since we have connected with you in December(??) we have received approximately 85 email enquiries ( often 2 or 3 a day). We have had 24 viewings and 9 weddings booked to date.

The exciting thing for us is the fact that these viewings have taken place while we are in the process of landscaping, building stone walls and knocking down a trout farm structure, so things don’t look at all  glamorous. Imagine when it is all completed!!  Think we will need to update our photos!!

Thanks for a great upbeat platform to showcase our place for weddings.”

Petrina Thomsett, Owner of Clover Cottage Retreat


“We love being a part of WedShed and we notice and appreciate all of the extra promotion you give us – thank you.”

Adrianne Barba, Owner of Stonebarn


“From a personal point of view I think the two of you have done a great job and from my perspective it seems to have been very successful. We have had great exposure and a number of enquiries, many more than expected.

Congratulations, on putting it together and also getting it out there and making it so much easier for prospective couples.”

Lynden Lynch, Owner of Howqua Valley Views


“Hi Mel and Amy,

Just wanted to say that your latest email was really helpful and reflected some of the lessons I have learned the hard way!

Keep ‘em coming please!”

Janine Sudbury, Owner of Sudbury


“We love working with you guys – it reflects in the 39 booking we have for this year! ( up from 21 last year).  Yes I’m bragging! Your support never goes unnoticed. We so appreciate it.”

Tom and Julie, Owners of Seclusions Blue Mountains


“Hi Guys, thank you AGAIN! This collaboration is consistently a delight :)”

Mali Corinaldi, Wedding Manager Rupert on Rupert


“I am extremely impressed with the service I have received from Wedshed and would have no hesitation in recommending you. The majority of the weddings that we have hosted at The Barn have been due to Wedshed.”

Jonny Staples, Owner of The Barn at Clyde Ridge and Citrus Catering

28th February, 2020

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