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INSPIRATION: Bridal winter wedding jackets

It doesn’t take much digging on WedShed to discover we’ve been championing winter weddings for a while now. Red wine, bonfires, long-sleeved wedding dresses – the list of perks goes on. The only obvious catch is the temperature. As in, it’s fresh outside.

With that in mind, we took it upon ourselves to find fashion-forward ways to stay warm. Whether leather, lace, sequins or faux fur is your bag, there is a jacket to suit every style and to keep the goosebumps at bay. Check out some of our fave finds.

Photo: Britt Crowe. Jackets: Stay Chill Bill.

Photo: Bo and Luca. Jacket: Bo and Luca.

Photo: Grace Loves Lace. Jacket: Grace Loves Lace. 

Photo: Emily Abay. Jacket: One Day Bridal

bridal winter wedding jackets

Photo: Nina Hamilton Photography // Jackets: DIY. 

Photo: Greg Finck. // Jacket: Rime Arodaky

Photo: Eloping is Fun. Jacket: Bübish.

Photo: ASOS. Jacket: ASOS.

Photo: Rue De Seine. Jacket: Rue De Seine. 

Jacket: Houghton NYC.

Photo: Emily Abay. Jacket: One Day Bridal

Oh, and just to top it off:

Some real couples we came across…

bridal winter wedding jackets
bridal winter wedding jackets
bridal winter wedding jackets
bridal winter wedding jackets
personalised wedding jacket
26th July, 2019

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