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Happy Valentine’s Gay

Same-sex Australian wedding

Feb 14th. Any day that makes you take special stock of the person you love is good in our books but we sort of feel like that should happen every day, rather than just one arbitrary moment each year.

Today, rather than wishing you flowers and chocolates, we’d prefer to recognise love. Because we all know love is much bigger than a date night, or a nice card, or whatever form it comes in today.

Love is love – it doesn’t discriminate based on gender, sexuality, race or any of the other big ticket items that have the unfortunate habit of creating inequalities. It’s the best thing in the world because it’s available to all, it’s free and it makes our lives better every second that we feel it.

Have a very Happy Valentine’s Gay. x

Same-sex Australian wedding

Lara + Cass, captured by Dan O’Day.

Alberto + Yago, captured by Gore Vazquez.

Happy Valentine's Gay

Jayde + Sarah, whose wedding was officiated by WedShed celebrant Candice Wilson.

Lauren + Emily, captured by Lara Hotz Photography.

same-sex marriage

Tina + Kate, captured by Justin Hill.

sameSame-sex Australian wedding-sex wedding

Natalie + Nicole, captured by Lara Hotz Photography.

Patrick + Alex, captured by Still Love Photography.

Same-sex Australian wedding

Alex + Nellie, captured by Studio Something.

Lauren + Kate, captured by Jo Wallace.

Amy + Bianca, captured by LJM Photography.

Nicola + Fontaine, captured by Lakshal Perera.

Same-sex Australian wedding

Tina + Kate, captured by Justin Hill.

Same-sex Australian wedding

Luke + Wout, captured by Lara Luz.

Same-sex Australian wedding

Liz + Jess, captured by Prue Vickery Photography and officiated by WedShed celebrant Melissa Soncini.

Same-sex Australian wedding

Amy + Bianca, captured by LJM Photography.

Australian Same Sex Wedding

Kelly + Amanda, captured by Red Berry Photography.

14th February, 2016

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