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DIY of the day – Guest Who?

DIY Guest Who?

Forget DIY of the Day – this may be DIY of the year in our opinion.

We’re big fans of interactive fun and games at weddings. And while bocce and croquet tend to always get a lot of action, it’s nice to throw in a game of mental skill. And it can also be played with a drink in hand – bonus.

Enter GUEST WHO – an awesome DIY take on your favourite childhood board game. Pardon us, but this is a wedding day game changer (pun much intended).

Created by Almost Makes Perfect, get the instructions on how to create this genius here. They call it Guess Who, but naturally for a wedding it needs to be adapted to Guest Who. 

Imagine the look on your family and friend’s faces when they realise they’ve been immortalised into guessing-game form?

Imagine the questions that you can ask the person you’re playing (suggestions include ‘Am I the person always getting naked?’ / ‘Is there a fair chance I might be gyrating inappropriately later on the dance floor?’ / ‘Should I be catching the bouquet later’?)?

This is the shit that makes us want to get married again.

Guest Who?

Got any amazing ideas to keep guests entertained that you can share? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

17th April, 2015

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