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Dad + daughter moments

Ben Howland

It doesn’t matter that we’ve never personally met any of these brides or their dads – it’s pretty damn difficult not to be captured by the emotion and love that bursts out of these photos.

It’s Father’s Day today, which is always a stinger for me (Amy here, hello). I lost my dad suddenly about four years ago, so putting together this compilation of images definitely left me with an ache in the chest. My legendary mum walked me down the aisle in January earlier this year, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. But there’s something pretty powerful about seeing dads and daughters at weddings.

Please don’t think this share is a bid for sympathy, rather just a gentle reminder to take stock. Ladies, if you have a dad (or a couple of dads, like one of the brides below), please cherish the following moments in particular at your wedding: first sight of the bride, walk down the aisle/paddock/track, (inevitably) embarrassing speech, wedding dances. Chances are one of your guests might not have that opportunity.

OK, enough sombre stuff. Go scroll on down and enjoy these pics captured by some of our awesome vendors. And don’t forget to buy your old man a card.

Photographed by Jack Chauvel

Love this first sight of the bride. Captured by Jack Chauvel.

Photographed by Jonathan David
Photographed by Gavin Wyatt, officiated by Modern Love Ceremonies

The lovely Cara from Modern Love Ceremonies shared this one with us. Amy was brought up both by her father and her step-father, and she chose to have both of them walk down the aisle with her. Captured by Gavin Wyatt.

Photographed by Red Berry Photography

Renee’s (pictured) mother had recently passed away, so this was a really emotional time for both her and her dad, and a very special moment captured by Red Berry Photography.

Photographed by John Benavente

It’s grandfathers day today too. Such a touching moment captured by John Benavente.

Ben Howland

We love the way this guy just can’t hold it together. Captured by Ben Howland.

Photographed by Ben Howland

Photographer Ben Howland said this wedding was special. The couple were originally planning a wedding down the track but brought it forward after receiving some bad news about the bride’s father’s health. The whole thing was thrown together in five days, and although the bride’s dad was usually constrained to a wheelchair, he was able to walk her down the aisle.

A few days afterwards, the bride let Ben know that her father had passed away. So it felt like a privilege to us to witness this moment, even in a photo.

Photographed by Jack Chauvel

Another awesome first sight and grin to match. Photo by Jack Chauvel.

Photographed by Jack Chauvel

This dad took it to the next level and helped his daughter get dressed and earring-ed up for the big day. Captured by Jack Chauvel.

Sonia Allen Makeup Artist

This gorgeous little moment was shared with us by Sonia Allen Make Up Artist (and she also is responsible for how gorgeous the bride looks).

Sonia (pictured here) of Sonia Allen Makeup Artist told us about the adorable time her dad asked her to pick out his shirt for the wedding, about six months before the big day. He had bought no less than six white shirts in Italy for the occasion.

Photographed by John Benavente
Anthea & Lyndon

First dance, captured by Anthea & Lyndon.

Jason Corroto

Heartwarming stuff captured by Jason Corroto Photo.

Bayleigh Vedelago

This dad drove his daughter to the ceremony and then proceeded to be a gentleman. Captured by Bayleigh Vedelago.

Bek Smith

Could this moment be any happier? Captured by Bek Smith.



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6th September, 2015

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  1. Gorgeous wedding day moments!

  2. Some great inspiration photos there!

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