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Bridal Robes, Lounge-wear And Tees: What To Wear On Your Wedding Morning

Bridal party robes

There’s a reason why brides look so incredible on their wedding day – they spend a while getting ready. Hours, usually. And often alongside their A-team (mother, sibling, best friends…).

It’s a fun and indulgent part of the day – being pampered while drinking Champagne and grazing on delicious food – and it’s not unusual for brides and their above-mentioned team to get ready in something worthy of the occasion, like a personalised robe or set of silk pyjamas.

For one, it’s practical – you all need something comfortable to wear and that you can take off without sabotaging your hair and makeup. And secondly, robes or a pyjama set also makes for a great and thoughtful bridesmaid gift that they’ll use more than once.

With that in mind, we did some digging and have found the best bridal robes, pyjamas and bridal tees for your I do crew. Check them out below.

Featured image: Lucie Weddings.


Type: Linen.
Bride vibe: You’re practical but style conscious.
Ideal for: Relaxed, summer weddings. Cool to wear, ironing optional.


Type: Silks and satins.
Bride vibe: In another life, you could be famous.
Ideal for: Anyone who regularly shaves their legs and doesn’t mind being called ‘mademoiselle’.


Type: Tees.
Bride vibe: When comfort is king.
Ideal for: Anyone who likes drinking Champagne straight from the bottle.


Type: Lace.
Bride vibe: You ooze elegance and femininity.
Ideal for: Brides who love a bit of old world glamour.


Type: Shirt Dresses.
Bride vibe: You know one day, women will rule the world.
Ideal for: All human creatures.


Type: Personalised.
Bride vibe: Attention to detail is how you roll.
Ideal for: Brides who know it’s the little things that count.


Type: A little bit ‘extra’
Bride vibe: You like to live large.
Ideal for: Brides who are all about standing out.


Type: Floral.
Bride vibe: Being ‘girly’ is your badge of honour.
Ideal for: Springtime weddings (for obvious reasons) and anyone with a penchant for floral prints.


  • Make sure you delegate the task of ironing or steaming your getting ready attire to the MOB or someone in your I do crew.
  • A few brands offer discounts for large orders, like our pals at Piyama who have a bridesmaid bundle (buy 3-4 items and get 15% off), so it’s worth doing your research.
  • Check and see if your fave brand has a 10% discount for first orders if you sign up to their e-newsletter.
25th March, 2021

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