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12 of the best outdoor lounge rooms

Outdoor lounge room

Outdoor lounge rooms are the greatest, in our opinion. What’s better than chilling out on a comfy couch, drink in hand, under an open sky? We’ll tell you: not much.

Plenty of hire places have furniture that’s suitable for the outdoors – just chuck on a nice throw rug and some cushions and suddenly it’s got a personal facelift. Or do what we did and hit up council clean-ups, Gumtree and op-shops to acquire your own. You can always give the stuff away or sell it afterwards.

Here’s a compilation of some of our favourite outdoor lounge rooms to get your wedspiration flowing.

Best outdoor lounge rooms

We love the colour palette here – the browns and neutrals contrast so nicely with the greenery. Some good-looking textures in those lounges too – nothing wrong with a bit of velvet and leather.

Featured on Hello May, with styling by She Designs and images by John Benavente.

Best outdoor lounge room

How great does this set-up look against that line of trees?

Featured on Nouba, this outdoor lounge room was captured by Brown Paper Parcel.

Best outdoor lounge rooms

The massive rug adds warmth to what would otherwise be a gravel space, while the Aztec prints create plenty of interest for the eye. Via Pinterest.

Unique outdoor lounge rooms

Don’t feel like you need to pigeon-hole your styling into one theme – as this pic shows, its totally possible to combine vintage-style furnishings with more boho bits and pieces.

Captured by Katie Pritchard.

Best outdoor lounge room

While this isn’t quite open-air, it’s an open shed so we’re including. Love this temporary vintage lounge room at Broger’s End, Kangaroo Valley.

Captured by Lara Hotz.

Outdoor lounge room

We’re massive fans of the way this outdoor lounge room wraps around the dancefloor.

Captured by Zoe Morley Photography.

Outdoor lounge room

This fine arrangement sits in the enormous hayshed at a private farm in NSW.

Captured by Mitch Pohl.

Outdoor lounge room

How incredible do just a few pieces of furniture look set against a backdrop of an amazing gum? So simple and elegant.

Featured on Green Wedding Shoes, this shoot was styled by Victoria Cameron and captured by Byron Loves Fawn.

Outdoor lounge room

Oh, the lampshade <3.

Featured on Nouba, with styling by Folklore & Co and photography by Lauren Campbell.

Outdoor loungeroom

This would look rather classy in someone’s house. It also looks rather classy on this lawn.

Featured on Hello May and captured by Eric Ronald.

Marquee styling

So, while again, this one isn’t technically outdoors, it’s still a makeshift lounge room but in a marquee. And it’s awesome.

Featured on Ruffled Blog and captured by Teneil Kable.

Outdoor lounge room

Yep, more lovely lounging.

Via Nichols Photographers.

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Want us to compile a collection of specific wedding inspo for you? Ask and ye shall receive – requests most welcome below.

6th May, 2015

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    • Hey Keishini, good idea! Our content team will take this on board – hopefully have some awesome inspo to share with you soon.

      Amy Parfett
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