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10 of our favourite wedding floral trends for 2015/16

The Wedding Designer

In our experience both attending and ogling weddings online, it’s the floral side of the styling that really polishes up a venue. Lighting is important and it obviously helps when you’re working with an awesome, unique space, but you just can’t go past flower-power to create a mood.

We asked some of our talented florists to share their tip-offs on what they’re predicting will take off this wedding season. Read on for great ideas (and check out their profiles to get more inspo).


1) Wild bouquets

“Wild, handpicked and foraged.” – The Wedding Designer

“Beautiful, full, wild bouquets.” – mable & elsi

“Assorted foliages together creating wild, relaxed, natural looking bouquets.” – Japonica

“Sprawling romantically in a horizontal direction, botanical bouquets look beautifully natural. Whether your wedding dress is a full ball gown or a more Boho lacey number, this relaxed type of bouquet just works.” – Blooms by Bethan

The Wedding Designer
Blooms by Bethan

2) Food and flowers

“Mixing your food with floral centrepieces is going to be a MUST-HAVE for the 15/16 on-trend bride. Teaming gourmet sharing-platters with edible flowers will create a ‘wow’ factor on your tables. Also adding fruits, such as figs, grapes, lemons and limes into your floral styling will be a huge hit.” – Piccolo & Poppi


3) High impact installations

 “Hanging installations that are quite free in form rather than structured and considered.” – mable & elsi

“Flower walls and massive installations!” – The Wedding Designer

“Large feature floral installations hanging above your wedding reception area look incredible with vintage Edison pendant lights peaking through the greenery. Bare-bulb lighting adds a soft and rustic glow, creating the perfect ambiance for festivities that run into the night.” – Blooms by Bethan

“Floral arches and arbours with feature pieces to full coverage. Also, overhead garlands featuring extra detail – again, these can be primarily foliage with feature floral areas.” – Japonica

Piccolo & Poppi

By Piccolo & Poppi, captured by Kieren Moore

The Wedding Designer
The Wedding Designer
Blooms by Bethan

4) Greenery 

“The love affair with beautiful lush greenery continues.” – mable & elsi

“Eucalyptus foliages, ferns and vines for texture and flow.” – Japonica

“Green, botanical and growing.” – The Wedding Designer

The Wedding Designer

By The Wedding Designer, captured by Ben Howland at our partner-venue The Barn at Adams Peak.

The Wedding Designer

5) Natives

“We have a hell of a lot of beautiful native foliage and flowers at our fingertips in Australia. Flowering eucalyptus, flannel flowers, paper daisies, waratahs and blushing bride are just some of my favourite Australiana-themed blooms and they look beautiful at a wedding. Especially country property or ‘wedstival’-type celebrations. They also smell incredible in an earthy, heady kind of way and seem to go a lot further than a bunch of roses do, so can give you more bang for your buck, and are wonderfully tactile and unique.” – Blooms by Bethan

Blooms by Bethan

By Blooms by Bethan, captured by At Dusk.

By Japonica.

6) Flower bars

“Interesting buckets and pots full of flowers that guests can help themselves to at the end of the night. Plants can also be incorporated and help to create different heights on your bar.” – Japonica

A note from WedShed – This could be a fun and clever alternative to the traditional bombonniere for the lady guests at your wedding?


7) Tonal flowers

“Mixed flowers in one colour tone, or mixed colours – dahlias, peonies, hydrangea, paper daisy, lotus pods, succulents, billy buttons, bouvardia, flowering eucalyptus, tuberose and flannel flowers are amongst our favourite summer flowers!” – Japonica

“The ‘wild and unexpected’ trend is balanced by the need for classic, simplistic designs of singular bloom arrangements and tonal colour combinations” – mable & elsi


8) Petite bouquets

“Small petite bouquets for both brides and bridesmaids.” – mable & elsi


By Japonica.

9) Cottage charm

“We believe traditional cottage flowers, such as camellias, jasmine, azaleas and carnations will pop over the next few months. Adding the bright pops of colour from typical cottage garden plants, will add a homely and statement piece in upcoming bridal bouquets.” – Piccolo & Poppi


10) Unexpected and exotic blooms

“Anything strange, unique or exotic is taking centre stage in both bouquets and centrepieces. Also, expect unexpected flower combinations and bloom placements, as well as alternative vessels combining to create visually stimulating arrangements.” – mable & elsi

mable & elsi

By mable & elsi


Keen to get more floral inspiration from some of our WedShed vendors? Check out their work or follow them on social media via the links below:


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12th October, 2015

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  1. Love these tips they’re going to be very handy next time we’re planning a celebration!

  2. These floral trends may be old, but truly gold. In 3 – 5 years, these floral trends will return. They are just too good to be forgotten.

    • Thanks for your comment Allan. It’s always interesting to see what trends manage to make a comeback!

      karina Lowndes
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